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Lipstick Usage and classification

Product Usage:First of all, we must put before lipstick lips clean, and then coated with a layer of lip balm or lip balm, Lip play the role of crack to better makeup. Zheshi foundation or concealer lip contour.
Secondly, with a lip pencil outline desired contour lips to naturally relax, so you can better observe the shape of the lip line. Videos on the lower lip of the order, when the upper lip to shut painting, from the center to both sides of the painting. From both sides of the lower lip to the central painting. If you do not want to highlight the lip, you can not draw the lip line. With the thumb and forefinger stained with lipstick or lip balm, let the little finger pressed on the chin, so that the handle is fixed and the support is good, painted lip and lower lip at the center of the mountain, to decide thick lips.
Then, starting with the upper lip to lip in the coating on both sides of the mouth, and then coated on both sides of the mouth from the lower lip to lip, in which case, the lips slightly Zhang, can draw more perfect lines. Note that the left and right sides of the balance. After James finished the outside, and gradually applied to the inside, until all painted. Gently press lips with tissue paper to remove excess oil. When pressed, lips slightly Zhang, the effect can reach the inside of the lips. Lip balm or a central colored light effects emphasize silver lipstick, make lips more plump.

Product Categories:Matte Lipstick: most pigmented color most concentrated. It does not have the gloss nor reflective, but it can not fade for a long time to maintain. Contain moisturizing ingredients, it is not suitable for thin lips and lip more women.
Satin Lipstick: Satin Lipstick high in fat content, so look bright, but slightly lighter color, Qingbotouming. This lipstick is generally slightly sticky and scented. Easy to clean, a good degree of moisture, often with the use of matte lipstick or lip gloss, color and gloss can achieve the effect of coexistence.
Gloss: This lipstick is between matte and satin, matte wax than class, so the degree of protection for lips better, but also often make dry lips.
Glossy lipstick: also known as Ying mining lipstick or lip frozen, contains some reflective particles such as mica, silica clay, artificial pearls or scales. Glossy lipstick in light-based, suitable for special occasions.
Lasting lipstick: lipstick has easy to fall off almost all issues, the need for timely re-apply. But this kind of lipstick to solve this problem. Some lasting lipstick is very dry. Lasting lipstick usually includes basic care and satin add two parts. Part of a long-term basis can maintain color silicone oil, lipstick kill once, you can rub satin colorless to add luster. Satin portion may repeatedly wipe, but in the background remover to wash.

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